Sponsored posts on Hvordanbliverjeg.dk

Hvordanbliverjeg.dk is premium niche site in Denmark that is highly exposed on Google for 500+ leading search terms in career, education and personal development.

  • Hvordanbliverjeg.dk, a leading niche personal development and career blog, has 1.6M quarterly google exposures and steady YoY growth. (Q2 2023)
  • Other sites: We also offer sponsored articles on Danmarkmedmere.dk, a leading news and information article blog. That domain has 3,1M quarterly Google exposures and 80% YoY growth. Visit site / About sponsored articles on Danmarkmedmere.dk

The publications are based on high quality articles and useful information written by local experts and journalists. We are not an AI content farm.

Terms and prices – sponsored articles

We facilitate sponsored articles on Hvordanbliverjeg.dk on the following terms:

  • Minimum: We do not publish one-off articles but only work with SEO agencies or content providers that can provide at least 10 articles per year. This is to minimize overhead and to maximize the quality of our content. This ensures high ranking of your articles.
  • Danish: Articles must be correctly written in danish, or we can translate them for you for an additional 50% fee. We do not publish articles in other languages. This is to maximize our Google ranking on the danish market.
  • Free quality check: We do provide an initial free check of the Danish language and spelling in your articles. We do however not accept blind and poor quality “Google Translate”-articles. This is to ensure the quality and engagement of the articles on our site.
  • Prices (billed monthly):
    • 1 article per month: 190 EUR / article
    • 2-5 articles per month: 145 EUR / article
    • 5-10 articles per month: 100 EUR / article
    • 10+ articles: Please contact us.
      In general, these prices are 30-50% below danish market average, considering our rank and exposure.
  • Links: Do-follow. Max 5 links per article.
  • Publication method: We will publish the articles after receiving page content (text, images, link) in an email or through your own publication system. We can provide content contributor access to our backend after initial tests.
  • Risky categories. We are happy to publish sponsored articles on Gambling, Casino, Loans with a 50% higher pricetag. We do not allow adult content.
  • Sponsortag: Articles will be discretely and correctly tagged “Sponsored”, and you will be able to access all your sponsored articles in a singular sitemap page, per agency and even per client.
  • Article lifespan: We quarantee a 3 year lifespan of the article.